Selection Guidelines

Global Shapers are selected on the basis of their exceptional achievements, leadership potential, and commitment to making a difference. Care is taken to ensure a diverse composition of professional and personal interests, as well as gender, social, economic backgrounds. All selection takes place locally and each Hub runs its own selection process.


Selection Criteria

Hub Criteria

The following principles must be applied whenever selection takes place within a Hub:

  • Each Hub must ensure the highest degree of socio- economic diversity, with at least one representative of each of the following stakeholder groups: business, government or politics, academia, civil society, science, arts and culture.
  • Each Hub must achieve a minimum 30% representation of each gender.
  • To ensure vibrancy and diversity, Hubs are not permitted to select more than one Global Shaper from the same organization/company.
  • To avoid con icts of interest, Hubs should not select siblings or spouses/partners of existing members.
  • Must be between the ages of 20 and 29 years old at the time of nomination.
  • Share a spirit of entrepreneurship in the global public interest.
  • Highly committed to developing their leadership potential with the aim of serving society.
  • Adhere to the highest standards of moral and intellectual integrity.
  • Have a track record for having initiated and
  • delivered a major project or founded a company or organisation or have been in an in uential position as part of a larger organization.
Candidate Criteria
Potential candidates must ful ll the following criteria:
  •  Reside or otherwise live physically close to the city in which their home Hub is based.
  • Ready to engage in the Global Shapers Community, reinforcing its mission and objectives.
  • Ready to support their fellow Global Shapers in their individual and professional development.
  • Committed to working with the Hub to make positive contributions to the local community.



Nomination Process


  •  Candidates can be nominated through: self- nomination, recommendations from current Global Shapers/Hubs, the Global Shapers Team and open/ other sources.
  • Candidates must provide a CV and complete an application form.
  • The Global Shapers Team encourages Curators and Hubs to cooperate with established organizations or institutes in identifying and nominating candidates, at the discretion of Hubs
Selection Committee
  • To ensure transparency, accountability and good governance, and to offset individual selection bias, Hubs are encouraged to establish a selection committee to oversee and facilitate selection.
  •  Each selection committee should consist of a minimum three individuals. 
  • Hubs are encouraged to identify selection committee members from leading academic institutions, local government, the local business community, and other stakeholder groups.
  • Hubs are required to include active Global Shapers in their selection committee.
  • The Global Shapers Team is available to advise on the suitability of selection committee candidates.

Selection Process


 Once a candidate is nominated, the selection committee interviews him/her to verify references and accomplishments.

  •  A minimum of two individuals must interview each candidate.
  • The format of the interviews is left to the discretion of the Hubs’ selection committee.
  • Members of the selection committee cannot interview candidates whom they have nominated.
  •  Candidates achieve of cial Global Shaper status only after completing the Hub’s selection process and receiving the Global Shapers Team’s validation and approval. 
  • After a candidate has successfully completed
  • the interview stage, the Curator must email the candidate’s full name at
  • The candidate must complete this form.
  • Following these steps, the Global Shapers Team

    will proceed with the candidate’s registration and onboarding.


Terms and Conditions


The Global Shapers Team holds Curators accountable for the selection process and the decision to name any individual as a Global Shaper.

The Global Shapers Team reserves the right to reject a potential candidate if their membership is contrary to the Community values and code of conduct.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding selection.